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Full text of "Minutes of the ... annual session of the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference … 1866"

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Forty-First Annual Session 




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t Oct., 70th, 77th, 72th, and 7 3 thy 7866. 















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Forty-First -A-imual Session 




Oct., fOth, 77lh, 72th> and 73th, 7866. 





Wednesday, October 10, 1866. 
The North Carolina end Virginia Christian Conference, 
met with the Church at Greeley's Ciiapel, Chatham Co., N. 
C, to-day, at 10 o'clock, A, M., and was called to order by 
Kev. Sol Apple, President of last Session. The Eoll of Con- 
ference was then read, and the following answered to their 
names, viz: 

Elders. — T. J. Fowler, Sol Apple, Alfred Apple, Chastien 
Allen, J. W. Wellons, M. B. Hayes, J. I. Hobby, A. Iseley, J. 
jV. Manning, E. W. Beale, J. IT. Farrell, A. G. Anderson, P- 
W. Allen, R. G. Tinnsn, W. S, Long, C. A. Apple, W. £' 
Moffit, C. A. Boon. 

Licentiates. — J. W. Hatch, Jas. K. Gibson; (About half 
of the Ministers belonging to Conference were present.) 

Laymen. — J. I. Turrentine, Austin Whitsitt, Josiah AtJcinst 
J. M. Moring, W. G. Clemants, S. H. Turner, Thos. J. Ras- 
kins, S. A. Creech, Jas. Smith, J. Hurry, Jno. Lynch, E. A r 
Moffit, J. E. Hayworth, Jas. Gilliam, J. L. Pugh, lioht. May- 
nard, Asa Klapp, R. J. Hatch, M. Murchison, Jacob Marshal, 
Htz. IZudel, W. T. Walker, if. B. Zassatie?, J. H. Blanch, M, 
I). Sirowd, C. JIT. Lindsey, J. IT. Smith, I). Thomas, if. Lick- 
en, R. Mclvor, J. If. Wirier, W. J. Long, Nasa Boon, W. El- 
Us, H. S. Johnson, J. C. Guntcr, W. Gunter. W. S. Farrell, 
Jas. S. Masburn, J. J. Jenkins, Jno. Utley, Bavid Bragg, H. C 
Dillard, S. J. Laurence, S. A. Johnson; (not more than half 
the Churches were represented.) 

A Quorum being present, the fact was announced, and 
Conference was opened with prayer by Bev. A. Tseley. 

Bev. Sol Apple was chosen President, and Kev. T. J. Fow- 
ler, Vice President. 

On motion the standing Secretaay, Elder J. If. Manning, 
was allowed to select such assistant Secretaries as he 
thought proper. He selected E. W. Beale, and C. A. Apple. 

The letters from the various Churches were then directed 
tu be read. 

On motion, Conference adjourned to 2 o'clock, P. M. 

2 o'clock, P. M. 
Conference convened, and was called to order by the Presi- 

On motion, the delivery of the Address was defered until 
to-morrow, o'clock, A. M. 

On motion, Eev, W. B. Wellons, of the E. Va. Christian 
Conference was invited to a seat in Conference, as a frater- 
nal Messenger from the body of which he is a member. El- 
der Wellons, on taking his seat delivered an able and im- 
pressive address upon the wants of the Denomination and 
the acts of the last meeting of General Convention of the Chris- 
tian Church, of which he is President, recommending the- 
Declaration of Principles, Improved Form of Government, and 
Directory for Religious Worship, adopted by that body. 

On motion, Eev. W. B. Wellons was unanimously request- 
ed to furnish a copy of his Address to be filed with the Re- 
cords of Conference, with a view to future publication- 

The Executive Committee of Conference reported, which 
was read, (see papers marked No. 1.) The Eeport was ta- 
ken up by items, pending the discussion, Conference ad- 
journed, to-morrow morning 9 o'clock; Eeiigious services by 
Rev. P. W. Allen. 

Thursday, October 11th, 9 o'clock, A. M. 

Conference met pursuant to adjournment, Eev. Sol. AppU 
in the Chair. 

Eeiigious services by Eev. A. G. Anderson. 

The Minutes of yesterday read and approved. 

The President announced the following Committees, viz : and Standing of the Ministry — Jho. S. Tur- 
rentine, S. If. Turner, R. Maynard, If. Murchison, Jho. Lynch, 

Finance — Jno. M. Moriny, T. J. Hashins, A. Whitsitt. 

Sabbath Schools — P. W. Allen, E. B. Beale, Alfred AppU. 

Ministerial Supply — A. Iseley, A. G. Anderson, C. Allen, 
J. N. Farrell, R. G. Tinnen, R. J Match, K A. Moffitj M. D. 

Statistics — H. B. Hayes, J. W. Match, J. W. Wellons. 
Religious Exercises — T. J. Fowler, J. AtHm } Jno. M. 


Tempebiitce — V. A* Apple, J. N, Manning, J. W. Wellons. 

The pending question was then taken up — the Report of 
the Executive Committee. 

The first item was, on motion, adopted. 

The second item, in reference to the connection of Bro. 
Bennett Ausley with the factious organization effected by the 
late W. N. Bragg ; was adopted after discussion ; and on mo- 
tion, Bro. Ausley was restored to fellowship in Conference. 

The third item, in reference to the appointment of Dele- 
gates, pro. tern, in the General Convention in the place of ab- 
sentees, was then taken up and adopted. 

The fourth item, in reference to the aggrayated case of 
Prof. W. H. Boherty, was, after some discussion, adopted ; 
and the following resolution unanimously passed: 

Resolved, That Elder Wm. II Boherty be, and he is here- 
by solemnly and finally expelled from this Conference for 
falsehood, drunkenness and contumacy, and that this body 
will be held no longer responsible for any "pretentions which 
he may make to the right of exercising the functions of a 
Gospel Minister. 

Conference then listened to the delivery of the annual Ad- 
dress by Eev. Sol. Apple, one of the most interesting and in- 
structive addresses ever delivered before this body. After 
which Conference adjourned to 2 o'clock, P.M. 

2 o'clock, P. M. 

Conference called to order by the President. 

On motion. Key Sol. Apple was requested to furnish a copy 
of his address for publication and preservation. In connec- 
tion with this motion, several addresses were delivered most 
cordially approving the sentiments contained in the Address. 

The following was then adopted : 

Resolved, That the Delegates appointed by this Conference 
to the General Convention of the Christian Church, which met 
at ML Auburn in May last, he respectfully requested to re- 
port the proceedings of that body, or at least their action 
therein, to Conference at its present segsion. 


On motion, Rev. W. B. Wellons, President of the Conven- 
tion, was requested to assist in the report called for in the 
above resolution. 

Elder Wellons, after some appropriate and timely remark^ 
as an introduction to what followed, proceeded to lay before 
Conference the Declaration of Principles, Form of Government, 
and Directory for Religious Worship. 

On motion, the papers were .directed to be taken up by 
parts and read. 

The Declaration of Principles was then read, and unani- 
mously endorsed by Conference. 

On motion, the remaining papers were laid upon the table 
and made the special order of to-morrow morning, 9 o'clock* 

A petition was received from the Ministers and Churches 
in the Deep River Valley, asking permission to withdraw and 
form a seperate Conference. 

On mbtion, the petition was granted and it was agreed 
that they might form a Conference composed of such Minis- 
ters and Churches as may choose to co-operate with them. 

Adjourned to meet to-morrow morning, 9 o'clock. Re- 
ligious services conducted by Rev. H. JB. Mayes. 

Friday, October 12th-, 9 o'clock, A. M. 

Conference called to order by the President, Prayer by 
Rev. A. Apple. \ 

The Minutes of yesterday read and approved. 

The special order being the consideration of the papers 
passed by the Convention, the Form of Government was taken 
up, read and unanimously endorsed by Conference. 

Adjourned to 2 o'clock, P. M. 

2 o'clock, P. M. 

Conference convened. 

The pending question was taken up, the Religious Director 
ry, read and also unanimously endorsed. 

A motion was then made, and unanimously prevailed, to 
endorse the papers as a whole. 

The Declaration of Principles, Improved Form of Govern- 
ment, Sfc. were warmljr, and almost enthusiastically advoca- 


ted by nearly every one who could gain the floor, and all 
thought the wants of the Denomination, in the matters pro- 
posed, were being fully met 

Bev, J. W. WeUons, A. Whitsilt and W. T. Walker were 
appointed a special Committee, to select a suitable place for 
the next meeting of Conference. 

The following resolutions were introduced by Rev. J. W- 

Resolved, That -be a Committee to take into consid- 
eration and recommend to this body, a judicious plan for the 
organization of Christian Churches, composed of colored per- 
sons, and for the ordination of Deacons and Elders, and the 
licensing of colored men to officiate in the colored Churches. 

On motion, the blank in the above resolution was filled 
with the names oft/. W. Wellons, A. G. Anderson and A- 

On motion, Rev. Wl B. Wellons was requested to aid the 
above Committee in the matter roferred to them. 

Conference adjourned, to-morrow morning, 9 o'clock, Re- 
ligious services by Elder J. N. Manning. 

Saturday, October 13th, 9 o'clock A. M. 

Conference met and was called to order by the President, 
prayer by J. W. Wellons. 

Minutes of yesterday read and approved. 

The seats of one Elder and two Laj^men among the Dele- 
gates from this Conference to the Convention being vacant, 
an election was ordered, and the vacancies were filled, by the 
selection of Rev. A. Apple and Brothers. J. S. Turrentine 
and II Marshall. 

Contributions to the Conference fund wero called for and 
read, (see paper marked A. 

On motion, a Committee of three was appointed to con- 
eider the propriety of printing the Minutes of Conference. 
The Chair appointed J. W. Wellons, 8. H. Turner, J. S. 
Turrentine, said Committee. 

The Committee appointed in reference to colored Minis- 
ters and Churches, reported as follows. 



We the Committee appointed to consider and report to 
Conference some juiicioii3 plan for the organization of 
Christian Churches among the colored people in the bounds 
of this Conference, would respecfully state that we are im- 
pressed with the responsibility devolving upon us as a De- 
nomination to perform well pur part in the moral training 
of the colored people, whose condition has been so suddenly 
changed. Many of them have long been under the influence 
and teaching of the Christians, and are yet connected with 
us; and unless we enc .mrage them to continue this connection 
they will bo brought under the influence of others. If the 
different Kcligious Denominations of the South do not make 
an effort to retain a moral and religious influence over the 
freedmen and women, they will naturally be brought under 
the influence of Northern white men, and ignorant and vi- 
cious colored preachers from the North who will sow the 
seeds of discord and discension among them, thus disturbing, 
and hindering the prosperity of both races. 

We advise, that the colored people be encouraged in all 
neighborhoods, where they are not in a situation to form 
themselves into separate Churches, to continue to worship 
with the whites, just as they have heretofore done, and with 
the same privileges that they have heretofore enjoyed. 

We would, however, advise that the colored people at 
once be encouraged where ever they can to secure them- 
selves places of worship, and to have Churches organized, 
composed wholy of their own color. 

These Churches should be organized by an Elder Or El- 
ders of the Christian Church upon the plan laid down in oui 
Form of Government. We advise that all such Churches 
should procure white Ministers, until colored men come for- 
ward who have sufficient ability to receive ordination as Dea- 
cons and Elders. 

We further advise that the organization of colored Chur- 
ches, the ordination of Elders, and the licensing of 
Ministers be submitted to three Elders of this Confereace, 

who shall take the oversight of this work in the bounds of 
the Conference, and report and represent the condition and 
wants of the colored people to this body at its annual Ses- 
sions, Kespecfully, 

J. W. WELLONS, Chairman. 

The report was*received and adopted, and Elders J. W. 
Wellons, A. Iseley, and J. N. Manning were appointed to take 
the oversight of the organization of colored Churches, and th© 
ordination of colored Ministers, &c, referred to in the above 
report M 

The Committee on Sabbath Schools made the following 
report, which was received and adopted : 


Your Committee on Sabbath Schools beg leave to report 
that they are pleased to learn that the subject has received 
some attention, by our brethren during the past year, but 
they are unable to assertain the number of Schools in oppe- 
ration, or their condition. 

It is evident that too little attention has been paid to this 
important subject heretofore. The benefits arising from 
well conducted Schools of this kind, are not easily estimated. 
Society is bettered, and the Church is blessed by them. The 
wisest statesmen, and the most pious and useful Ministers 
trace their first and best impressions to the Sabbath Schools. 

We therefore, suggest that each Minister be required to 
deliver at each of his churches, an appropriate address on 
this subject, and cause to be organized in each congregation 
under his charge, an efficient Sabbath School, and that each 
Church be required to report the result of the same to the 
next annual session of this body. 

Bespectfully Submitted, 
P. W. ALLEN, Chairman. 

Conference adjourned to 2 o'clock, P. M. 

2 o'clock, P. SL 
Conference convened, th© President in the Chair. 

The Committee on Temperance reporieu wmcn, *fter mt* 
eral appropriate addresses, was received and adopted. 

Temperance Bepobt. 

The Committee on Temperance beg leave to report — That 
a careful consideration of this question, in its present bear- 
ings, must lead every one to see the solemn and awfully im- 
portant nature of the subject. 

Excess, in whatever form it may exist, has ever been the 
bane of virtue, and the most effective agent in destroying 
the happiness and welfare of human society. The Confer- 
ence should not, in the opinion of this Committee, indulge 
in mere languid sentiments and sickly resolutions, but should 
rise with a determined will, and an unfaltering energy to 
meet this foe of all that is good. 

The demoralization engendered by the events of the past 
few years has almost suceeeded in sweeping away in many 
places every vestige of true morality and Christian integrity. 

The Temperance cause, like almost all other benevolent 
institutions, was fearfully shaken by the storm. Every lov- 
er of his race must neccessarily be awakened. The time is 
come when, if we do not contend with this demon, we 
must, as Christians and Philanthropists, be utterly undone. 
In view of these things, many thinking men have already 
begun to cry out against the corruptions which have infected 
our people, and have crept even into the sanctuary of God. 

Already an organization has been formed in 
Virginia, the land of Christian patriots, The "Friends 
of Temperance," have spread their banner to the breeze with 
Faith, Temperance, and Charity, inscribed on its living folds. 
Whatever may be the opinion of any in regard to the pro- 
priety of a temperance pledge, it cannot be but admitted 
that the cause is one which demands the utmost power of 
organized effort. The Committee thererefore recommend to 
the Ministry and Laity of this Conference, to give their best 
eCbrts and co-operation to the temperance movement, begun 
in Virginia, and which has already spread to this state. Not 
only SO; but they do most earnestly enjoin upon clergy and 


people to set their faces against the baleful influence of in- 
toxicating drinks, and all those excesses which bring down 
the judgment of Heaven upon all those who defy the authori- 
ty of Him, who is of too pure eyes to look upon sin with the 
least degree of allowance. 

Respectfully Submitted, 

0. A. APPLE, Chairman. 

The following preamble and resoultion were offered by 
Elder J. N, Manning: 

Whereas, It is absolutely necessary, in order that Minis- 
ters' ? be- able to discharge their sacred duties, and give 
themselves fully to their holy calling, that they be well sup- 
ported ; and whereas, it is impossible for Conference to sup- 
port its superanuated Ministers, the widows and orphans of 
deceased Ministers, or to give aid and success to the various 
objects and projects claiming attention, or to defray the ne- 
cessary expenses incurred in the various lines of duty, the em. 
ployment of public servants, &c, without means ; and, where- 
as, the General Convention of the Church needs funds for 
the Educational, Publishing Missionary and other enterprises 
of the Denomination, Therefore, 

Besolved, That the members of the Churches compo- 
sing this Conference be urged to greater liberality, and be 
instructed that it is their duty to make sacrifices, some- 
times very great, whenever the wants of the Church are 
pressing, and to contribute freely and cheerfully to the sup- 
port of the common cause. 

Besolved, That the burdens of the Church ought to be 
equalized, so that each one may bear a just proportion, and 
all contribute to the cause of God, as the Lord hath prosper- 
ed them. And to this end\ 

Besolved, Euethee, That the Churches composing this 
Conference, be required at their first quarterly meeting af- 
ter the adjournment of this body, to appoint a judicious 
Committee of three or five, who shall proceed to assess each 
Member of the Church, male and female, according to his or 
her ability, to pay an amount sufficient to meet all the ex- 


penses of the Chcrck ; the amount thus assessed, to be 
paid quarterly to the Collector and Treasurer of the Church. 

Resolved, Further, That any Church that fails to do her 
duty in this matter shall be censured therefor. 

The above resolutions were discussed at some lenght, after 
which they were unanimously adopted. 

The Committee on ministerial supplies made the following 
report, which was received and adopted : 


The Committee on Ministerial supply report, that, after 
much labor, they are able to present the following 
as the arrangement agreed to between the Ministers and 
Churches : Your Committee rendered all the assistance 
they possibly could to both Ministers and Churches, and yet 
many Churches are unsupplied, and many Ministers unem- 
ployed, owing to the great difficulty of procuring a compe- 
tent support for the Ministers. 

J. TV'. Wellons will Minister to Mt. Auaurn, Liberty Hill, 
Fuller's Chapel, Pope's Chapel, Good Hope and Oak Level- 

J. iY. Manniny to Shiloh, Ya., Mt. Pisgah, Eeeces and 
Pleasant Q-rov,e Ya. 

Alfred Apple to Midway and Union, Ya. 

W JET. Franks to Pleasant Spring, Pleasant Hill, Utley's 
School House, and Smyrna. 

H. jB. Hayes to the Church in Newburn. 

F. W. Beale to New Providence, Shallow Pord, Mt. Zr- 
On, W. S. Long will also preach at New Providence. 

T. J. Fowler to Hanx's Chapel, and O'kellets Chapel, J. 
TV, Match will also preach at Hanks . 

J. W. Hatch to Marthia's Chapel. 

Jno. M* Farrell to New Elam, Damascus, Antioch and Zi- 

W. D. Moffitt to Mt. Bethel and Brown's Chapel. 
C. A. Boon to Pleasant Union and Bethel. 
A. G. Anderson to Concord. 

A Iseley to Bethlehem ; Hines' Apples, Salem^Chapel and 


i?. G. Tinnm to Bells, Christian Chapel, Moee Union, 
Wake Chapel, Shallow Well. 

Respectfully Submitted, 

A. ISELEY, Chaiman. 

The Committee on Character and Standing of the Minis- 
try, made the following report : 


The Committee on Character and Standing of the Minis- 
ters, respectfully report all the Ministers belonging to Con- 
ference in good standing, except B. N. Hopkins, who, from 
all tbsy can learn, is exerting a bad influence in the Church 
committed to his charge. 

Respectfully Suminitted, 
JNO. fl. TURRENTINE, Chairman. 

The Committee on Finance made their report, which was 
received and adopted. [Sao paper marked No. 13."] 

The Report of the Committee appointed to locate Confer- 
ence was indefinitely postponed. 

The Committee on printing the Minutes was not adopted, 
and Conference ordered 500 copies to be prints. 

On motion, J. JS". Manning and C. A. Apple were appointed 
fraternal messengers to the E. Va. Christian Conference. 

On motion, Brothers A. Iseley, W. 8. Long, and E. W. 
Beale, were appointed the Conference Executive Committee 
for the ensuing year. 

Conference then adjourned to half past seven o'clock. 

7£ o'clock, P. M. 

Conference convened. 

On motion, Brothers J. JST. Farrell, J. W. Hatch, W. D. 
Moffit and JE. W. Beale were appointed fraternal messengers 
to the Deep River Christian Conference. 

On motion Brother Alfred Mor mg was invited to take a 
seat in Conference. 

On motion, Brother J. K. Gibson was also appointed fra- 
ternal messenger to the Deep River Christian Conference. 


The case of Eev. B. N. Hopkins was refered to a Commit- 
tee of all the Elders present, as presented in the report of 
the Committee on Character and Standing of the Ministry. 
They made the following report which was received and 
adopted : 


The Committee of Elders to whom was referred the report 
of the Committee on Character and Standing of the Minis- 
try, beg leave to report that after a careful consideration of 
the case of Elder B. JV. Hopkins, upon whom reflection is cast 
in the report, we recommend that he be suspended from his 
Ministerial functions until such time as his case can be more 
fully investigated by the Conference Executive Committee to 
which Committee we recommend that his case be referred. 

Respectfully Submitted, 
A. GK ANDERSON, Chairman. 

Elder Hopkins was suspended, and his case referred to the 
Executive Committee. 

On motion, the Brethren were invited to advance money 
for as many copies of the Annual Address as they thought 
they could probably sell. Many responded to the call. Con- 
ference directed that 400 copies should be printed and sold 
at cost ; and the money returned to the Treasurer of Confer- 
ence, except what might be sufficient to pay those who made 

The following resolution was unanimously adopted : 
Resolved, That the thanks of this Conference are due, 
and are hereby tendered to the friends in this vicinity for 
the very kind and hospitable manner in which they have en- 
tertained the members of this body, during the present Ses- 

On motion, the Secretary was allowed to draw npon the 
Treasurer for an amount sufficient to publish the Minutes of 
Conference, and the Address delivered before Conference at 
its opening. 

The Education Committee reported the names of several 
additions to the Biblical Class, and stated that the aspirants 
for Elders orders were making progress. 


On motion, Rev. IF. D. Iloffit was appointed to deliver 
the next opening' Address before Conference at the annual 
Meeting in 1867. 

On motion, the Treasury of the Home Missionary Society 
was requested to place the books and Records of the Society 
in the hands of the Secretary of this Conference. 

The Committee on Statistics reported as follows, which 
was received and adopted : 



Umou, N. C. 
New Providence, 
Shallow Ford, 
New Elam, 
Pleasant Grove, Va. 
Shiloh, Va. 
Mt. Pisgah, 
Reece's Chapel, 

Pleasant Grove, N. C. 
Union, Va. 
Apples' Chape!, 
Hines' Chapel, 
Salem Chapel, 
Mt. Bethel, 
Browns' Chapel, 
Martha's Chapel, 
Pleasant Hill, Johnson, 
Parks' Cross Roads, 
Pleasant Ridge, 
Shiloh, N. C. 
Shady G rove, 
Christian Union, 
Acorn Ridge, 


1 1 

Moore' Union, 

Shallow Well, 

O'kelley's Chapel, 

Harks Chapel, 

Liberty Grove, 



Pleasant Spring, 

Wake Chapel, 

Pleasant Union, 

Oh? istian Chapel, 

Utley's School House, 


Mt. Auburn, 

Liberty Hill, 


Popes Chapel, 

Good Hope, 

Oak Level, 


Mount Zion, 

New Bethel, 


Park's Stand, 





132 19 14 16 4259 

The foregoing 
Committee, believ 

Statistics from the besi data offered your 
ed to be correct. 

H. B. HAYES, Chairman. 

On motion, Conference adjourned to meet at such place 
as the Conference Executive Committee may select, on Tues- 
day before the second Sabbath in November 1867, at 2 
o'clock P. M. 

The addresses delivered during the sitting of. Conference, 


and the debates on the various subjects acted upon by the 
body, were mostly very interesting, and edifying, much zeal 
was manifested in the measures proposed for the prosperity 
of the Church, and all looked forward with hope to a bright 
and inviting future. Harmony and Brotherly Love charac- 
terized the whole of the proceedings, and every heart warm- 
ed at the thought of an early revival of our suspended enter- 
prises. All felt that an active co-operation of the Ministry 
and Laity, and liberal contributions from all the Churchea 
would ensure success in building again, the waste places of 
Zion. May Heaven favor the Sacred Cause. 

SOL. APPLE, President. 

T. J. FOWLER. Vice President, 

J. N. Manning, Secretary, 



4 *j )i